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12:00pm - The Sauce Boss


 Take that 53 Telecaster, pump it through that old tweed Fender amp, add a bass rig, mix in some drums, all simmered down over some funky swamp blues, and smothered with gumbo, and you have a recipe for a very good time. It’s a Soul Shouting Picnic of Rock and Roll Brotherhood. There’s a lot of audience participation. Everybody is encouraged to sing, to dance, and to come and put the stir on the Gumbo. Since 1990, the Sauce Boss has been making gumbo during his musical performances all over the US, in Canada, and in Europe. The shows transform the audience into participants in community. Serving gumbo to the audience has become a message of sharing. Bill "Sauce Boss" Wharton has served way over 200,000 people for free, while smoking the slide guitar. At the end of each show, everyone gets a bowl.

2:00pm - Chicago ReWired

4:00pm - Trial By Fire


*schedule subject to change

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